Alcohol Survey-Fulton County Ordinances

Alcohol Survey-Fulton County distance guidelines are found in the Code of Ordinances for Fulton County. Each applicant should read the ordinances very carefully and make sure the Alcohol License Ordinances are the most up to date ordinances. To check for the latest ordinances, go to Fulton County Code of Ordinances.

Alcohol Survey Fulton County

An alcohol survey in Fulton County will show distance restrictions in which businesses selling alcoholic beverages must be from churches, school building and school grounds, educational facilities, or college campuses.

The Code of Ordinances specifies methods for measuring the distances between churches, school, and educational facilities and the establishment selling alcoholic beverages. Consult your Professional Land Surveyor to understand the measuring requirements for an alcohol license in Fulton County. Again, from time-to-time Fulton County will make changes in the requirements and your surveyor will know and follow the changes.

Fulton County Distance Restrictions

To help understand the Fulton County distance restrictions, the following section is taken from the Code of Ordinance to obtain an alcohol survey for Fulton County for your information and convenience.

  • Sec. 6-211. - Distance requirements.

(a) No original license will be issued hereunder where the place of business is located as follows:

(1) Within 100 feet of any private residence as measured in any direction, unless such residence is itself in a commercial district; however, should the proposed premises be located on a corner, said distance from the nearest point of any residential building in the rear of the proposed premises on the side street must be not less than 50 feet; however, mixed-use development as defined in section 6-2 of article I is exempt from the distance requirement set forth in this subsection; or

(2) Within 200 feet of a branch of any public library; or

(3) Within 300 feet of any church, shrine, chapel of a mortuary, or other place used exclusively for religious services; provided, however, that no establishment will be licensed to sell distilled spirits by the package within 600 feet; or

(4) Within 300 feet of any school ground or college campus. The schools or colleges referred to herein include only such state, county, city, church, or other schools as teach subjects commonly taught in the common schools and colleges of this state, and do not include private schools or colleges wherein only specialized subjects such as law, stenography, business, music, art, medicine, dentistry, vocational occupations, and other special subjects are taught; or

(5) The building in which the proposed business is to be located must not be within 200 feet of a regular stop as designated by the Fulton County Board of Education where a school bus for the transportation of school children in the Public Schools of Fulton County Board or discharge schoolchildren.

(b) Using the straight line method, distances hereunder will be measured from the main customer entrance of the premises to be licensed to the main entrance of the establishments described in subsections (a)(1)—(2) of this section. For subsections (a)(3)—(4) of this section, distances will be measured by the most direct route of travel on the ground.

(Ord. No. 05-1249, 11-2-05)

State Law reference— Sale of alcoholic beverages near churches, school buildings or other sites, O.C.G.A. § 3-3-21.

See Fulton County Ordinances-Alcohol Survey-Fulton County


Alcohol Survey-Fulton County
Residence Definition

Private residence means a house or dwelling wherein not less than one or more than two families customarily reside and does not include a mobile home, an apartment house having facilities for housing more than two families, a boardinghouse or rooming house where there are five or more boarders or roomers, any residence which has been unoccupied for a period of six consecutive months immediately prior to the filing of any application for license, or any residence in a nonconforming use in a commercial zone.

See Section 6-2. – Definitions in the Fulton County Code of Ordinances

Fulton County Website Information

The website states that Step One is to determine if you have the right location. Since each license is granted per location and if a license has been revoked, it will not be granted to the location, even if the ownership has changed.

The County recommends going to the Zoning Enforcement Division to verify if your desired location has been approved for your intended use.

Next, obtain an Alcohol Certified Survey by contacting a certified surveyor to perform an Alcohol Certified Survey or Distance Survey. These surveys help determine whether or not your location would be in compliance with the State of Georgia Code which dictates that you must be the required distance from a school, church or government building. A certified survey of the proposed premises depicting the distance requirements as specified on the alcoholic beverage application. The survey must also state how the property was measured (from what point of the premises to what point on the measured location and the direction of measurement.

See the Fulton County Website for More Information.

Fulton County, Alcohol Survey Consultation

Atlanta Engineering Services surveyors are available to provide technical surveying information for Alcohol Surveys in Fulton County. Call them, 770-316-1720 should you have questions.

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