Alcohol Survey-Gwinnett County

Alcohol Survey-Gwinnett County has specific distance requirements which must be met for approval of an Alcoholic Beverage License. I found these guidelines in the Code of Ordinances, Gwinnett County, Georgia—Chapter 6, Alcoholic Beverages. Go to their website and read and understand the distance requirements before committing to a location for your restaurant or bar.

Read and understand the Code of Ordinances for Gwinnett County. This article is a summary and a small part of the ordinance. It does not contain all the information you should know in applying for an alcoholic beverage license.


Distance Requirements

We find the distance requirements in Section 6-9 of Chapter 6 of the Code of Ordinances. They are:

(a) No person may sell or offer to sell:

(1) Any distilled spirits in or within 100 yards (300 feet) of a church building or within 200 yards (600 feet) of any school building, educational building, school grounds or college campus.

(2) Any wine or malt beverages within 100 yards (300 feet) of any school building, school grounds, or college campus.

Gwinnett County does not permit Package Stores to be permitted. The Code of Ordinance does not provide for package store permits.

School distance requirements include daycares who offer kindergarten programs.

Alcohol Survey-Gwinnett County
Definition of School and School Buildings

The Gwinnett County code says, As used in this section, the term "school building," "school," "school grounds" or "educational building" shall apply only to state, county, city, or church school buildings and to such buildings at such other schools in which are taught subjects commonly taught in the common schools, universities and colleges of this state and which are public schools or private schools as defined in O.C.G.A. § 20-2-690(b).”

Distances from a Church Building

Gwinnett County defines a church building as: “The term "church building" as used in this section shall mean the primary structure used primarily by any religious organization for worship.

“The requirements for minimum distance from a church building, college or university in a shopping center as defined by the latest Illustrated Book of Development Definitions (copyright 2004 by Rutgers) shall not apply to any new license for retail package or retail consumption.”

How to Measure Distances 
for Alcohol Surveys in Gwinnett County

The distances are measured by the most direct route of travel on the ground and shall be measured in the following manner:

(1) From the main entrance of the establishment from which alcoholic beverages are sold or offered for sale;

(2) In a straight line, regardless of obstructions, to the nearest public sidewalk, walkway, street, road or highway by the nearest route;

(3) Along such public sidewalk, walkway, street, road or highway by the nearest route;

(4) To the main entrance of the church building, or to the nearest portion of the school grounds or college campus.

If a school or church is permitted by the County and the school or church is constructed, the establishment from which alcoholic beverages are sold will not be denied continued operation under the existing license. It will not be denied any renewal of such a license.


Local Regulations in Gwinnett County

Alcohol Survey-Gwinnett County guidelines show the applicant is complying or not complying with the County and State laws and regulations. The intent is to regulate the locations in which businesses such as restaurants, bars, package stores, and clubs can sell alcoholic beverages and remain a specified distance from schools and churches. Read the Code of Ordinances for Gwinnett County for specific details. Also available on the internet are Ordinances for Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Snellville, Centerville, Berkeley Lake, Norcross, Dacula and Mountain Park. 

Alcohol License Application Link

Click on this link to go to the Application for Alcohol License for Gwinnett County.


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