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Land Surveying and Property Surveys


Our land surveying services include every type of land survey required for the development of property

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Forensic Hydrology

Forensic hydrology is the evaluation of water damage and the cause of the damage. Hydrologists present information for court.

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Stormwater Damage

Stormwater damage is an ongoing problems in Atlanta and in many neighborhoods. Poor stormwater structures are inadequate to efficiently remove the water.

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Alcohol Survey Atlanta

Alcohol survey Atlanta requires as part of the application package an Alcohol Survey.

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Alcoholic License Surveys

Alcoholic License Surveys are furnished by each applicant applying for a Liquor License.

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Beer and Wine Surveys

Beer and Wine Surveys show the nearest churches, schools, rehab centers and residences. Atlanta Engineering Services provides this information on surveys for liquor licenses.

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Beverage License Surveys

Get fast turn-around for Beverage License Surveys from Atlanta Engineering Services. Call 678-297-2565.

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The Value of Construction Surveys

Atlanta Engineering Services and Construction Surveys

Construction survey staking accurately locates all improvements on the construction site..

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Groundwater Springs

Underground Springs in Atlanta

Groundwater springs in Atlanta occur but are rare. What is the source of the water in your wet, soggy yard?

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What is a Land Survey

A land survey identifies the boundaries of your property...where your property ends and your neighbor's property begins.

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