Personal Injury
Atlanta, Georgia

Accidents involving slips/falls can sometimes cause serious bodily injury. Slip and fall accidents can occur when a property owner fails to clean up or mark uneven surfaces. 

We can help if you have experienced personal injury due to property owner neglect.

A number of accidents can occur when obstacles are left out creating a hazardous condition. Some of the types of situations our engineers advise our clients on include: 

  • Poor construction / Poor Design
  • Unmarked Wet Spots
  • Uneven Flooring
  • Holes
  • Insufficient Handrails
  • Stairs / Steps Not Meeting Building Code Regulations

Atlanta Engineering Services performs tests to determine the amount of friction (or slip resistance) on surfaces and ramps. Our engineers are very knowledgeable about building codes and other regulations that have been implemented to help prevent slip and falls.

When you have need for investigating a slip and fall accident, call one of our engineers today. 

Engineers experienced in personal injury accidents can advise about the technical aspects of your accident. 

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