Civil Engineering

Atlanta Engineering Services has been providing civil engineering services since 1990. We provide a full range of design services for land development, from rezoning, surveying of the property, planning the layout, civil engineering site plans to construction staking and final as-built plans.

Site Development

Atlanta Civil Engineering can help you with your land development project(s).

Site development is a critical part of the planning process. We guide them in developing their idea to the property by preparing conceptual layouts and preliminary plans. Next, our survey crews survey the boundary and topography of the property which is used to further define the conceptual plans for the property.

We encourage clients to accompany us when meeting with the city and county review boards. These meetings allow clients to fully understand zoning and permitting requirements. It helps to get everyone on the same page.

With this information in hand, the civil engineering plans can be developed which will meet the client's expectations and will smoothly move through the permitting process. The client is invited to be involved in each step of the development process and know exactly how the project is affected by the development regulations.

Most local jurisdictions in Georgia have adopted (1) The Georgia Erosion and Sediment Control Manual (The Green Book) and (2) the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (The Blue Book). 

Local and State Regulations

Engineering regulations and addressing storm water runoff.

The Green Book provides regulations for the control of erosion and siltation runoff and methods to prevent siltation from reaching streams and creeks. Since the state and the local jurisdictions regulate these matters, it is critical that the civil engineer understand the regulations. We strive to keep our clients advised of the changes in erosion control guidelines.

The Blue Book provides regulations for the release of stormwater runoff and also addresses the quality of stormwater runoff. Atlanta Engineering Services has worked with these guidelines since they were promulgated by the state and adopted by local cities and counties.

A thorough understanding of these guidelines help us to advise clients of the ways these laws affect their property and helps us to advise each client of how they affect his project. We are able to guide them in the most successful plan for development of their property and realize their dream.

Atlanta Engineering Services - Licensures

Listed below are the states that we currently hold Professional Engineering licensure in:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi

Engineering - Looking Forward

It is our opinion that as time passes and development pressure increases, owners and developers will need to be kept in the loop of what is happening in the local, state and federal regulations that affect land development.

Owners and developers will need engineering to lead the way in keeping tabs on the changes in regulations.

Engineers must be more creative and efficient in producing "Solutions" for his client. 

Atlanta Engineering Services

Atlanta Engineering Services has been providing civil engineering since 1990. We have seen and experienced the changes in the land development business. Call us to discuss your project and ways to make it happen in a smooth and efficient manner.

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