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What is Alcohol Survey Atlanta?

Alcohol Survey-Atlanta

An alcohol survey Atlanta means that an alcoholic beverage license survey is required as part of the application package. When applying for a license to sell alcoholic beverages in restaurants, bars, private clubs, nightclubs, grocery stores, and package stores, a survey by a Professional Land Surveyor is required.

Beverage license guidelines limit the proximity of alcoholic beverages to certain establishments, such as schools, churches, and alcoholic treatment centers. The regulations specify distances the licensing facility can be to these establishments which are shown on the survey. 

An example of the distance requirement for a school building or school grounds is: “School building or school grounds" shall apply only to state, county, city, or church school buildings and to such buildings at such other schools in which are taught subjects commonly taught in the common schools and colleges of this state and which are public schools or private schools. The premises applying for a license must be a minimum of 600 feet (200 yards) from any school, educational building, or college, measured in a straight line from the front door of the licensed facility to the front door of the school, educational building, or college.

Other facilities often included by the local authorities are church buildings, daycares, alcohol treatment facilities, package stores, housing authority properties, and nearest residence.

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Why Require an Alcohol Survey in Atlanta?

In most cities and counties, local laws and ordinances regulate locations for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Many jurisdictions do not allow bars or liquor stores to conduct business within a certain radius of schools or churches. Thus, most of these local authorities require all applicants applying for a liquor license to get an alcoholic beverage survey--sometimes called a Beer and Wine survey--conducted by a professional land surveyor to show that issuing an Alcohol License in a facility does not violate local distance requirements.

Who Performs Alcoholic License Surveys?

The application provided by the local jurisdiction specifies that only a licensed professional land surveyor licensed by the State of Georgia may perform an alcoholic license survey. Call your local surveyor to discuss the local government requirements concerning the distance requirements.

Alcohol Survey for Atlanta must meet the distance requirements for your proposed location. Know this information could prevent lease or purchase problems should your location not meet the guidelines. It would be disappointing to lease or buy a property and later find out it did not meet the distance requirements for a liquor license.

Two Methods Frequently Used Methods  for Measuring Distances

There are two primary ways of measuring distances. The local ordinance specifies distances measurements by straight line distance or by the path of travel. Have your surveyor confirm the method required with the local jurisdiction.

The first method is to measure the distance in a straight line from the front door of the licensed facility to the front door of the church, school, alcoholic treatment facility, etc. The survey identifies the location of the front door of the licensed facility and the front door of the nearest church. Your surveyor will then calculate the straight-line distance between the front doors of each. 

And the second method is to measure the distance along the path of travel from the front door of the licensed facility to the front door of the church, school, alcoholic treatment facility, etc. The surveyor determines the shortest route of travel that a person must walk or drive from the licensed facility to the front door of the closest church. The surveyor measures the distance from the front door of the licensed facility to the street, then measures along the street to the next street intersection, then measures along the next street until he reaches the church and the church front door.  

Survey Plat Information

The most common features on the Alcohol Survey are two circles with radiuses of 300 feet (100 yards) and 600 feet (200 yards). Field research within these radiuses will show any facilities within 300 feet and within 600 feet of your business. 

The alcoholic beverage license survey will show the building where the licensed facility is located and the surrounding area. Depending on the specific requirements of the local jurisdiction, the survey drawing will show the location of your establishment in relation to schools, churches, alcoholic treatment centers, and package stores within the specified radius. Thus, ensuring that the licensing facility lies within acceptable minimum distances from churches, schools, etc. It also shows the access point to your building. Alcohol Survey-Atlanta surveys insure you know if distance problems exist.

The local ordinance outlines any special requirements by the local authority. See the survey guidelines for alcohol survey Atlanta for more information.

Alcohol Surveys Atlanta and Marietta

Alcohol Surveys in Atlanta and Marietta do change. So can their interpretation. Always check the Municode for each jurisdiction.

Do not rely totally on this site or any site or individual. Get information from the local authority or get advice about Georgia’s alcohol laws from a lawyer holding a license in the state.

Alcohol Survey Atlanta distance requirements vary from city to city and county to county. Read and follow the guidelines published by the city or county in which you wish to obtain an alcoholic license. Then hire a Professional Land Surveyor to perform the Liquor License Survey for you. This will show you if your location meets the distance requirements per the local ordinance.

See the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances for more information.

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