Alcohol Surveys for Duluth -
Distances Requirements

Requirements for Alcohol Surveys for Duluth, GA can be found at We highly recommend checking distance requirements before buying or leasing property for your business. I wanted to share this information with you to help you determine if the location you are considering will meet the distance requirements for the City of Duluth.

Alcohol Surveys for Duluth

Duluth Distance Requirements

This information was taken from the Duluth website and the Code of Ordinance for Duluth, Georgia. We want to assist you in navigating the application process as it relates to Distance Requirements for Alcohol Surveys in the City of Duluth.

Distance Requirements can be found at

Section 3-111. – Distance Requirements

The Code of Ordinances, Section 3-111.

(a)  For the purposes of this code section, distance shall be measured by the most direct route of travel on the ground in a straight line from the front door of the structure from which alcoholic beverages are sold or offered for sale, to the front door of the building of a church, government owned treatment center or a retail package store or to the nearest property line of the real property being used for school or educational purposes.

(b)  No license permitting the sale of malt beverages or wine or both for retail by the package shall be issued for any proposed location which is:

(1)  Within a distance of one hundred (100) yards of any school building, educational building, school grounds or college campus; or

(c)  No license permitting the sale of any distilled spirits or spirituous liquors for retail by the package shall be issued for any proposed location which is:

(1)  Within a distance of fifty (50) yards of any private residence unless such residence is located in a commercially zoned (C-1, C-2, HC-R or HC-A) district;

(2)  Within a distance of one hundred (100) yards of any church building;

(3)  Within a distance of one hundred (100) yards of any public library or branch thereof;

(4)  Within a distance of one hundred (100) yards of a public park;

(5)  Within a distance of two hundred (200) yards of any school building, educational building, school grounds or college campus; or

(6)  Within a distance of five hundred (500) yards of any business licensed to sell package spirituous liquors pursuant to this article unless other such business is a hotel.

Definitions Per the Code of Ordinance

Section 3-103 contains all the definitions relating to Alcohol Surveys for Duluth. I highly recommend reading all the definitions for a more comprehensive understanding of your requirements.

See Section 3-103. – Definitions.

Church shall mean a permanent building where persons regularly assemble for religious worship.

College shall mean only such state, county, city, church, or other colleges that teach the subjects commonly taught in the common colleges of the state and shall not include private colleges where only specialized subjects such as law, stenography, business, music, art, medicine, dentistry, vocational occupations and other special subjects are taught.

Private residence shall mean a house or dwelling where not less than one (1) or more than three (3) families customarily reside and shall not include an apartment house having facilities for housing four (4) or more families and any residence which has been unoccupied for a period of six (6) consecutive months immediately prior to the filing of any application hereunder.

School building or educational building shall apply only to state, county, city, or church school buildings and to such buildings at such other schools in which are taught subjects commonly taught in the common schools and colleges of this state and are accredited by the state or federal government.

I like to visit the Code of Ordinances each time we are asked to do an Alcohol Survey. From time-to-time cities and counties will make changes to the laws and regulations. The way to stay up to date on the regulations is to read the Code of Ordinances.

Contact Information for the City of Duluth

You may visit the Business Office in City Hall at 3167 Main Street or call 770-476-3434 for more information.

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