Forensic Team

The Forensic Team is your local source to get engineering expertise for your case. Click on the title description or the photo of the expert to obtain additional information about the expert.

Call for information about our expertise in Civil Engineering, Hydrology, and Land Surveying. We specialize in gathering information to present to the courts. It is vital and critical to explain technical issues to the jury in a way that they understand the issue.

An expert takes on the responsibility of a teacher in front of a jury. They are not engineers and do not deal with technical matters daily. The expert's role is to explain it in a way they understand which allows them to make an educated decision.

Elvin Aycock, PE

Elvin Aycock, PE, PH, PLS, ACTAR

  • Hydroplaning Expert
  • Professional Hydrologist
  • Professional Land Surveyor
  • Traffic Reconstruction Engineer ...

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Professional Hydrologist

He is not only a professional engineer but a professional hydrologist.

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Truck / Tractor, PE

Joe Middlename, PE is an expert in the field of truck / tractor semi trailers involved in traffic accidents .... Read More

School Bus Expert

Thomas Lastname, PE is an expert in the field of school bus traffic accidents which have been involved in a traffic accident. 

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Academy of Forensic Engineers

The Hydroplaning Expert with with years of experience .

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