Property Damage
in Alpharetta, Roswell and Marietta

Property damage may occur from a number of different elements.

Atlanta Engineering Services investigates stormwater drainage property damage claims for homeowners, homeowners associations, attorneys and insurance companies.

With over 35 years of site development experience, we have the skills and training to determine how the damage occurred and make recommendations for correction. 

Types of damage 

  • Stormwater Drainage Damage: Flooding, Wind, Hail, Lightning, Tornado, Hurricane, Freezing / Bursting Pipes, Water Damage, Tree Falling, Flooding, etc.
  • Erosion Control Problems
  • Sanitary Sewer Backups
  • Common Yard Drainage Damage
  • Foundations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sink Holes

Property Damage in
Sandy Springs and Brookhaven

Property damage comes in all forms and types. 

A Homeowner's Association called me to look at the damage the outflow from their detention pond was doing to the property. The board had attempted to come up with a solution for the problem, but they could not agree to what would work best.

They asked me to advise them of a solution and to help them determine the cost of correcting the issue.

The property was constructed about 20 years ago as a condominium property. The detention pond was built on the lower level of the building and the stormwater flow from the pond discharge onto the ground and flowed to the creek. 

The building is located 20 feet from the edge of a creek. A very large gully has eroded. Someone had filled the gully with tree limbs and other debris. All attempts had failed.

The solution is to construct a concrete flume to the edge of the creek and down the bank of the creek. This would prevent further erosion of the property. 

Construction disturbance along creeks is highly regulated and many permits would need to be acquired to work within the stream buffers.

I will consider property damage of this type a maintenance project. This will help move this project through the regulatory agencies. 

Property Damage Experts

Experts who have knowledge of land disturbance property damage issues and the regulations governing land disturbance projects should handle this project. The Homeowners' Association needs someone to guide them through the permit process. Failure to get all necessary approvals could cause a stop work order during construction. This would cause delays and possibly additional property damage.


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