Testimonials and References

Danny and Sally Hood: Homeowners

In the Summer of 2010, Atlanta had terrible rains. Enough rain to even flood Six Flags over Georgia. The rains were so heavy that our koi ponds would overflow into our swimming pool, then our pool would overflow into the terrace level of our home.  

water drainage solution Atlanta Engineering

After replacing the carpet twice, we knew we needed professional help. We trusted our problem with Elvin Aycock of Atlanta Engineering Services, who became a very dear friend. He is an expert hydrologist and professional engineer who designed a plan to capture all the water and take it away, not only from our home, but our ponds and swimming pool as well. Our backyard and our concrete pool surround were completely removed to allow a state-of-the-art drainage system to be installed.

 We were so pleased with the on the job, professional, personal and communication skills of Elvin, we would highly recommend him to anyone. The bottom line...his plan works!! 

We so much appreciated his services. 

 Danny and Sally Hood
Cobb County, Georgia

Gregory Parent: Atlanta Attorney


I saw your inquiry on the GTLA listserv about an expert.

I don't know if you've already gotten some reviews on Elvin, but I found him to be an excellent expert.

I used him when I worked with Martin & Jones doing nuisance work suing the City of Atlanta.

Elvin is brilliant, but down to earth and very professorial in his approach with counsel and in all manners of testifying. He explains things to you in a way that you can understand without feeling like he's being condescending. I always feel a little smarter after he educates me about the principles I hired him to weigh in on.

I think you will be impressed. His associates are just as nice and capable. Both present very well for clients and in front of juries or opposing counsel.

You won't be disappointed in him.

If you wish to call me to discuss further, my number is below.

Take care,



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