Alcohol License - Johns Creek
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An Alcohol License in Johns Creek has specific distance requirements. It is important to know the distances to the nearest church, school, residence, etc. before committing on a location where you desire to sell alcoholic beverages. Most counties and municipalities have specific distance requirements and specific methods of measuring the distances. Contact us or your local survey to discuss these requirements.

Go to Johns Creek Code of Ordinances to find the distance requirements for an alcohol license in Johns Creek. 

We provide Alcohol Surveys required for the Alcohol License Application.

Alcohol Surveys for Johns Creek.

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Alcohol License for Johns Creek

If your business plans to sell distilled spirits, the distance requirements are 300 feet from any church building or government owned and operated alcoholic treatment. All school buildings, educational buildings, school grounds or college campuses shall be more than 600 feet from the business.

If your business sells wine or malt beverages, the distance is 300 feet from any school building, school grounds, or college campus.

The guidelines further state that no package distilled spirits licensed shall be issued for any place of business closer than 1500 feet of another licensed packaged distilled spirits business. The place of business shall be more than 200 feet from a private single-family dwelling in a zoning district that permits single and/or two-family dwellings. 

We recommend confirming all information with Johns Creek officials. Ordinances and laws are updated and changed from time to time.

Click this link to confirm all Alcohol License requirements. 

Alcohol Surveys for Johns Creek.

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Construction of New Schools and Churches

What if a business is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages under the alcohol license and a church or school is constructed within the specified distances of the business?

If the distance requirements are met at the time a license is issued, the subsequent opening and operation of a church, school or treatment center within the prohibited distance shall not prevent the continuance of an existing license. 

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