Commercial Trucks/Tractor Semi-Trailers

Truck accidents are caused by many possible factors. Our professional engineers are trained and skilled at investigating truck collisions to determine the cause of the accident. 

We have successfully investigated many types of truck accidents, including commercial hauling trucks, as well as shuttles, buses, delivery vans, and SUV rollovers.

A traffic accident involving a large commercial truck such as an 18-wheeler or semi truck can have disastrous consequences. A typical fully loaded large commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds, while an average passenger automobile weighs approximately 4,000 pounds.

Because of the sheer size and weight of trucks, any collision between a commercial truck and another vehicle is likely to result in serious, even fatal, injuries. 

Gathering Roadway Evidence

When you have a need for the investigation of an accident involving a commercial truck / tractor, call one of our professional engineers for an investigation of the accident.

Roadway evidence begins to disappear soon after the accident making it critically important to have a professional gather the evidence. A motor vehicle accident is a serious matter, particularly when it involves a commercial truck. An experienced truck / tractor accident investigator can advise you about what to do and the steps that need to be taken in order to preserve evidence and evaluate the accident.

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