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Liquor License Surveys,
Beer and Wine Surveys, and
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Local cities and counties require Alcoholic License Surveys as part of the application for a liquor license for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, and liquor stores.

The Alcoholic License Survey is just one part of the application for a liquor license. The survey provides the distance from the business to the nearest schools, churches, parks, etc. Each city and county has different distance measuring requirements, and an established set of criteria that the applicant must meet to obtain a liquor license. Consult the Code of Ordinance to identify the requirements in the City or County in which you are applying for a license.

Beer and Wine surveys have different survey requirements than Packaged Liquor retail outlets. 

Alcoholic License Surveys

  • Location of your facility showing access streets and highways
  • Size of the building
  • All churches within a specified distance
  • All schools within a specified distance
  • All schools within a specifed distance and
  • Distances to other establishments that serve or sell alcohol

The Alcoholic License Survey is one part of the application package and is performed by a Land Surveyor. The survey will show the location of the property and the building of the establishment that wishes to sell alcoholic beverages.

Requirements vary from city to city and county to county. All governing authorities require a survey by a Land Surveyor when applying for a liquor license. Call us at 770-316-1720 for a free quote.

Why Require a Survey?

The licensing authority uses liquor license surveys (Atlanta) to determine if the sale of alcoholic beverages at the applicant's proposed place of business would have a negative impact on the surrounding community. It also provides the applicant the information to understand why a certain location meets the distance requirement or doesn't meet the requirement. Liquor license surveys are helpful to all parties.

Atlanta Engineering Services
Land Surveyors

Atlanta Engineering Services has been providing a liquor license and beer and wine survey for more than 28 years. Our land surveyors are very familiar with the requirement of local counties and cities.

We recommend that restaurant owners call us during the due diligence period to determine if their proposed restaurant location complies with the regulating authorities. This could prevent any hassles from being locked into a contract or lease when the location did not meet the minimum distance requirements of the city or county.

Atlanta Engineering Services works with Restaurant, Liquor Store, Bar, Nightclub Owners to provide the Alcoholic License survey in a timely manner to meet the needs of the applicant.

The information we need from you to perform a Liquor License Survey is:

  • Your Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Property Address including city, state and zip code
  • Name of the Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub
  • Your time frame

The City of Atlanta
Liquor License application package requires:

"Alcohol License Process

STEP ONE - Do you have the right location?

The first step to getting an alcohol license is making sure that you have the right location. This is essential because licenses are granted per location and if it has revoked a previous license, it will not be granted to the location, even if the ownership has changed.

  • Zoning Enforcement Division
    Go to the Zoning Enforcement Division to verify if your desired location has been approved for your intended use.
  • Alcohol Certified Survey
    Contact a certified surveyor to perform an Alcohol Certified Survey or Distance Survey. These surveys help determine whether your location would comply with the State of Georgia Code, which dictates that your location must not be too close to a school, church or government building. A certified survey of the proposed premises depicting the distance requirements as specified on the alcoholic beverage application. The survey must also state how the property was measured (from what point of the premises to what point of the measured location and the direction of measurement)."

(We have taken this information from the City of Atlanta regulations for use as an example of regulations.)

Alcohol Survey-Cobb County

Alcohol Surveys in Cobb County depend on the jurisdiction in which the applicant is applying for the Alcohol License.

Go to the Municode for the locale in which you are applying to determine the license requirements and the distance requirements from churches, schools, and other restrictions. 

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Alcohol Survey Information

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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