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Animation Experts show how the accident happened. Your client deserves the best. The jury wants an animator that can clearly explain "how the accident happened." You are at the right place.

Meet Soan Chau
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Animator

Soan is an accident reconstruction animation expert. He understands what is needed to win in the courtroom. He not only understands animation but he has had broad experience investigating and reconstructing vehicle accidents. He has been creating animations for more than 10 years.

Animations create a visual image of "how the accident happened" therefore helping the jury to visualize the sequence of crash events before, during and after impact. An well informed jury is the best jury for you and your client.

Members of the jury will often come to different conclusions when the testimony is totally a verbal explanation. They can interpret what is said differently and form different conclusions. An animation puts each of the jurors on the same page; Your Page.

Animation Experts Answer Questions
Before They Are Asked

All lawyers and experts know that most cases get settled before the case gets to trial. As we know, most cases are settled during Discovery. The initial purpose of an animation is to show the opposing attorney the strength of your case and address the issues the opposing attorney has about the case.

Soan Chau goes to the deposition prepared to present the forensic data. The opposing attorney is intimately familiar with the facts of the case. So it is beneficial to explain the data which supports the animation such as distances, locations, velocities, accelerations, time, skid lengths, crush data, crush coefficients and travel paths of the vehicles.

Much of the technical data may not always be necessary information for the jury but a forensic animation expert will know it is critical to explain it to the opposing attorney. The opposing attorney would like nothing more than to have the animation thrown out and never let the jury see the animation.

"What If?" Scenarios

Soan often prepares "what if?" scenarios to show weaknesses in the opposing counsel's case. This is also an excellent way to present the strong points of your case. Each side can easily see the flaws and the strengths of the case.

"What if?" scenarios help you, the attorney, to better prepare specific questions, arguments and counter points for trial. A well prepared animation and good explanations by the forensic animation expert often leads to settlement following his deposition.

No attorney wants to go into court with holes in his/her case. The process of analyzing and thinking through different scenarios prepares the attorney to face the different points of view which may arise in court.

Accident Reconstruction Animations

It can be difficult for jurors to visualize the accident from the explanations given, even by the best of experts. An animation allows jurors to see things they would not otherwise be able to see. The jury can see the accident from a bird's eye view, from the driver's view and even from the view of a witness.

Soan Chau, a forensic animation expert, establishes the authenticity of the animation. He presents the data which the animation is based on.

He establishes the relevance of the animation to the accident. In Clark v Cantrell (529 S.E.2d 528, S.C. 2000), the court wrote that "an animation is relevant when it has a direct bearing upon and tends to establish or make more or less probable the matter in controversy."

The animation must be a fair and accurate representation of the evidence it represents. Soan is a accident reconstruction animation expert. He collects the data, analyzes the data and reconstructs the accident before he prepares the animation. He clearly presents the technical data and the accuracy of the data.

Soan demonstrates the probative value of the animation. Probative value must "...substantially outweigh the danger of unfair prejudice, confusing the issues, or misleading the jury..." By confirming the facts of "how the accident happened" and avoiding the potentially emotionally-charged events, Soan gets his animations into court.

Get the Best, Call Soan Chau

For the best results possible, animations for use in court are prepared by a forensic animation expert, like Soan Chau.

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