3D Accident Simulations 2

3D accident simulations 2 show additional simulations produced by Atlanta Engineering Services. Simulations show the jury how an accident happened. Much like a video, they are much easier for a jury to understand than an oral explanation. Sequence of events of an accident unfolds like watching television.

"What if" questions can be
answered using simulations.

One of the wonderful features of 3D accident simulations2 is the ability to solve for many scenarios. The reconstruction engineer has available answers to the "what if" question involving an accident. Because the vehicles and the scene environment is input into the computer simulator, the engineer can run the simulation hundreds of times and analyze hundreds of "what if" situations.

"What if" the vehicles were traveling 58 mph instead of the 50 mph reported by the investigating officer? The engineer inputs the 58 mph for the speed and runs the simulation again. In seconds, he has an answer. We checked the answer against the rest positions of the vehicles.

3-D Accident Simulations are Videos

Three-D accident simulations are one of the best tools to use in front of a jury. Members of the jury are used to viewing action scenes on television. The 3-D video shows the judge and the jury the sequence of events of the accident.

The video runs at normal speed and then slowed down for the jury to evaluate the sequence of the collision.

Atlanta Engineering Services use computer simulations to produce 3D videos of traffic accident wrecks. The videos show how the accident happened.

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