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Office: 678-297-2565
Cel-Phone: 770-316-1720

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Your hydroplaning expert has:

  • reconstructed hydroplaning cases in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina
  • more than 35 years of experience as a professional engineer, licensed in 7 states
  • more than 18 years of experience reconstructing traffic accidents, cars and commercial trucks
  • testified in more than 75 Depositions and trials
  • Professional Hydrologist certification
  • Professional Land Surveyor license

I look forward to discussing your hydroplaning case with you.

Email me at ela@atlantaeng.com

or call me at 678-297-2565.


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Hydroplaning Vehicles

Wear from lack of maintenance causes aging roadway pavement surfaces to channel water and increase the depth of the water before it leaves the roadway pavement surface. Vehicles traveling roadways which channel or pool water put drivers and passengers at risk of injury from hydroplaning. 

Hydroplaning vehicles collide into other vehicles on the roadway causing injury and death.

Let's discuss your hydroplaning case.