Elvin Aycock, Hydroplaning Expert

Elvin Aycock, is a hydroplaning expert. He has been a professional engineer for more than 35 years and has been testifying in court cases involving hydroplaning for years.

He has the unique distinction of being a professional engineer, a professional hydrologist, ACTAR certified and a professional land surveyor.

The 4 Parts of a Hydroplaning Case

First, a professional engineer is needed to evaluate the highway pavement surface for potential problems in the construction or maintenance of the highway.

Second, a professional hydrologist is needed to determine the amount of water on the roadway pavement surface and the path of the water on the pavement.

Third, a certified traffic accident reconstruction engineer is needed to reconstruct the traffic accident.

Finally, a professional land surveyor is needed to accurately survey the roadway pavement surface to gather elevations of the pavement which provides the field data for the analysis of the scene and the changes in the elevation of the roadway.

See the American Institute of Hydrology for more information on highway drainage.

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