Hydrology Expert - 
Forensic Hydrologist

Your experienced Hydrology Expert to help you solve your storm water problem such as:

  • Storm water caused by upstream construction
  • Soggy yards from underground water tables or springs,
  • Seepage through concrete slabs, tennis courts and parking lots,
  • Erosion and sediments runoff from construction sites,
  • Non-maintained detention ponds causing excessive discharge of storm water,
  • Improper drainage around homes allowing infiltration into basements,
  • Retaining wall drainage issues,
  • flooded basements,
  • flooded crawl spaces,
  • and many, many more storm water issues.

Determine the Cause of the Drainage Problem or Put a Large Band-Aid on the Problem

You have 2 choices to address your drainage problem.

First, you can contact a hydrology expert which will evaluate the drainage problem and determine the cause of the problem. Then, you have the opportunity to permanently solve the problem. Hydrology experts are hired to solve drainage problems, not to sell you on allowing them to bring in their construction equipment.

Some hydrologist are Professional Hydrologist (PH) which means they have specialized hydrology training and have been certified by the American Institute of Hydrology. They are experts in evaluating and solving water issues.

Second, call a contractor or a landscaper who has enough hydrology experience to unroll the great big band-aid and place it over your drainage problem for a temporary fix. Contractors are in the business of selling you their work and convincing you to allow them to bring in their equipment to dig.

Elvin Aycock is a professional engineer and a professional hydrologist. He is your hydrology expert for solutions to storm water drainage problems, flooding , basement and crawl space flooding, wet, soggy yards and vehicle hydroplaning accidents. He is president of Atlanta Engineering Services has been helping folks with drainage problems for more than 35 years.

As an expert in hydrology, he looks for the cause of the storm water drainage problem. It is not enough to just "do something" with the water. It is important to uncover the cause and recommend a solution that will cure the problem and prevent the problem from coming back.

His belief is that it is better to prevent water from getting to the yard, crawl space or basement than to try to remove the water after it gets into the house.

Hydrology Expert, Elvin Aycock, PE, PH

I am Elvin Aycock and I am a Professional Hydrologist (PH). I have been advising Homeowner Associations, Attorneys and Claims Adjuster for more than 35 years. I have had the pleasure to represent homeowners in depositions and in court.

Attorney rely on my expertise to tell them the technical issues and how to fix the drainage problem. I have given more than 75 depositions and trial testimonies where I explained the hydrology issues in language lay persons and the juries could understand.

After a trial testimony, one attorney exclaimed, "Wow, even I understood what Elvin was saying." Almost all of the juries were nodding their head in agreement as I testified.

No Problem Before they built,
So Why am I having a Problem Now?

The church committee said they hire an engineer and a contractor to design and build the facility for them and they relied on them to prevent these types of problems.

The engineer said he following all the guidelines and regulations required of the City. He even said his design did not allow the storm water to leave the site at a higher rate than before they constructed the facility.

Being a hydrology expert, it was clear very quickly that the water was collected from the the 10 acres, put into a detention pond and discharged at a rate equal or less than the discharge rate was before the development.

Before construction, the water drained down a wooded slope, and the water spread out over 1000 feet. Now, the water was point discharged at one location from the pond and the quantity and rate of discharge quickly eroded the small ditch in the neighbor's yard.

After analyzing the stormwater flow, it was determined that the detention pond was not constructed in accordance with the design and that the pond should be expanded to comply with the approved plans.

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