Free Hydroplaning Article 

Featured in Collision Magazine
by Elvin Aycock, PE, PH, PLS, ACTAR

Atlanta Engineering Services would like to give you a free electronic copy of our most recent article featured in Collision Magazine.

It is entitled "Hydroplaning: The Effect of Water on the Roadway" and was written by the President of Atlanta Engineering Services, Elvin Aycock, PE, PH, PLS, ACTAR. 

Free article for our readers, Titled Hydroplaning: The Effect of Water on the Roadway

What this article talks about:

  • What is hydroplaning?
  • What conditions cause vehicles to hydroplane?
  • How do roadway design defects contribute to hydroplaning?

Includes a case study of a real hydroplaning accident we investigated. We'd like to encourage you to share these articles with your friends and colleagues.

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What is hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning caused by roadway defects

Qualifications of a good hydroplaning expert

Hydroplaning article written by Elvin Aycock for the American Institute of Hydrology.

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Ruts cause hydroplaning where the asphalt and the subgrade has failed.

Hydroplaning on roadways while transiting from superelevation to normal crown

Pavement drainage can be a problem in vertical curve sags and in transitions from superelevations to tangent sections.

More pavement drainage problems occur when the centerline crown is destroyed and superelevation transitions hold water.

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