Traffic Accident Reconstruction:
Roadway Defects

Atlanta Engineering performs accident reconstruction due to roadway defects, in order to determine the underlying cause of many traffic accidents.

Roadway defects created from lack of proper maintenance or construction create hazardous conditions that lead to accidents. Hydroplaning and run-off-the-road are only two types of accident caused by roadway defects.

Atlanta Engineering Services investigates accidents caused by highway defects. Our expertise in civil engineering, traffic accident reconstruction, hydrology and hydroplaning is used to identify these defects in grading, shoulder drop-offs, cross-slope issues, horizontal and vertical curvatures, super-elevation transitions, as well as slopes that can lead to improper drainage. In many cases, this causes hydroplaning on wet roadways.

Typically, when a design or construction flaw is present, problems associated with hydroplaning, skidding, poor visibility, and other kinds of impairment often are the result.

The highway environment can contribute to a road accident including:

  • Poor design or layout
  • Improperly marked construction work zones
  • Inadequate signage and traffic control devices
  • Poor road surface condition
  • Inadequate or incorrectly constructed curbs
  • Lack of adequate drainage
  • Missing guardrails and barrier walls
  • Worn, poorly maintained or incorrect road markings
  • Improper or limited sight distance

Types of Defective Roadways

  • Improper construction of super elevation
  • Improper location of catch basins
  • Excessive edge of pavement drop-offs
  • Accumulation of soil on shoulders prevent adequate drainage
  • Hazards obstructing visibility at dangerous intersections
  • Improper construction of guard rails
  • Ingress and egress ramps that are dangerously short or don't allow safe merging
  • Improperly marked construction zones
  • Slick pavement or pavement with inadequate skid resistance
  • Improper drainage that leads to dangerous street surfaces, ponding, and hydroplaning
  • Poorly maintained roadways, rutting, potholes, etc.
  • Obstructions limiting visibility at intersection
  • Absent, defective, or improper warning signage
  • Poorly placed and dangerous highway traffic signals
  • Poorly maintained pavement markings

Elvin Aycock, PE, PH, PLS, ACTAR

I have been a professional engineer for more than 35 years. I have been investigating and reconstructing traffic accidents for more than 17 years.

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