Motorcycle Accidents
Marietta, Georgia

Motorcycle accidents often result in very serious injuries and sometimes even loss of life. Investigations of motorcycle accidents are a specialty type of investigation. The investigation must be done as soon as possible after the accident.  

Motorcycle accidents can be reconstructed to uncover forensic evidence.

It is important that the attorney or insurance claims adjustor contact our experts immediately to obtain as much evidence as possible before it disappears as is the case with skid marks, fluid spills, gauges in dirt, etc. 

Many questions can be answered about traffic accidents involving motorcycles. A few of the most common questions we are asked are: 

  • What rate of speed was the motorcycle traveling?
  • Did the driver of the motorcycle have his headlights or turn signals on prior to impact?
  • Was there adequate sight distance for the motorcycle to be visible?
  • What path did the motorcycle take pre and post-impact?
  • Were there any roadway defects that would contribute to causing the accident?
  • Are the tires, brakes and roadway in good condition to allow for adequate stopping?

Experienced Engineers

We have the experience and skills to calculate the speed of a motorcycle using several methods depending on what evidence is available. 

One method for computing the speed is based upon the length of skid marks on roadway pavement. If no skid marks are present but the motorcycle driver hits a vehicle or object and is thrown from his motorcycle, the speed can be determined utilizing the distance the driver was thrown from his vehicle. 

When you are dealing with a traffic accident involving a motorcycle, you need an expert that has the skills and experience you can rely on. Our team of experts at Atlanta Engineering Services can provide you with professional expertise in motorcycle accidents.

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